Terms of Sale

General terms and conditions are binding between buyer and seller to the extent not otherwise agreed in writing. With respect to orders to which these general terms and conditions of sale apply in whole or in part, the buyer’s general terms and conditions become inoperative. Subjects not described in these terms and conditions are governed by generally accepted rules of law under Belgian law.


An order is considered accepted only when it has been confirmed by letter or email by Miglio International bv . An order accepted by us cannot be cancelled without our express and written consent. Agreements made are personal and may be transferred only by mutual agreement. Alteration or cancellation by the customer of an order of a standard item may only be made subject to assumption by the buyer of all costs resulting from the alteration/cancellation. These are estimated at 10 to 100 percent of the value of the goods ordered if cancellation occurs. A custom or non-standard color order placed by the customer cannot be cancelled or changed.

Delivery times

Stated delivery times are indicative. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, Miglio International bv is not responsible and is not guilty of breach of contract if there is a delay in delivery. Miglio International bv can also not be held liable if it is unable to fulfill its obligations regarding the delivery of goods or services, if the non-delivery is a result of circumstances beyond the direct control of Miglio International bv. Wars, strikes, lockouts, bad weather and all causes preventing the receipt of raw materials, fuels and other sources of energy, or hindering the normal production or transportation of the goods, and in general all causes independent of our will are considered at least, but not exclusively, force majeure and relieve M1glio ltd of any responsibility, even if it has been stipulated that the delivery deadlines are bindingS.ij may not be invoked by the buyer to claim compensation. In all such cases, deM1glio ltd reserves the right to postpone delivery or even cancel the contract.

The prize

Unless expressly stated otherwise, our prices are exclusive of V.A.T. Products are invoiced at prices and exchange rates valid on the day of delivery, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

The price comparisons

The prices quoted by Miglio International bv . indicates in various price lists vary according to the region where the order was placed and is to be delivered. Prices vary due to differences in trade practices, transportation costs and taxes, etc. An order will always be executed according to the conditions and prices indicated in the price list related to the location of the customer’s headquarters, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

The price quotes

Prices quoted in quotations shall be binding only if confirmed in writing by the Sales Director or his designee. Otherwise, they are for information purposes only. The prices and other conditions stated in the quotations apply only to the orders related to the quotation placed within a maximum period of four (1) months from the quotation date, unless otherwise stated.


Invoices are payable at our company or to one of our bank accounts , as defined on the order form When the delivery is made in two or more parts, each part will have to be invoiced and paid separately. The seller is willing to grant a payment discount only if payment is received within ten days of the invoice date. If the aforementioned ten-day period is exceeded, any payment discount will be forfeited. Any unpaid invoice shall be increased from its due date, by operation of law and without notice, with interest at the reference interest rate increased by 7 percentage points and rounded up to the higher half percentage point (art. 5W. 02/08/2002). Moreover, any unpaid invoice will be increased, ipso jure and without notice of default, by a lump-sum indemnity in the amount of 10% of the outstanding invoice amount, unless the actual collection costs – including legal fees – would be higher (art. 6 W. 02/08/2002). The absence of payment on the due date also gives the seller the right to cancel the current agreements both for the goods still to be delivered and those already delivered, and this without any formality and without the buyer being entitled to any compensation. No complaint of any kind, even if the complaint would be considered by us and / or justified, releases the buyer from the obligation to respect the due dates.

Retention of title

The goods delivered to the Buyer shall not become the Buyer’s property until the Buyer has paid the purchase price due in full and also owes nothing more to the Seller on any other account. The buyer is not entitled to transfer ownership of goods, which are still the seller’s property pursuant to the above-mentioned retention of title, to third parties other than for their normal use, or to grant third parties a lien or any other privilege, guarantee or security right in the broadest sense of the word through any agreement or action

Product Changes

We reserve the right to make limited changes to our products at any time, even after ordering, in order to make any desirable improvements for the benefit of the buyer. Even for sales “on model” this does not commit Miglio International bv to absolutely identical delivery.

Supply risks

All risks to which the merchandise would be exposed shall be borne by the buyer as soon as the goods are delivered to him. The goods are inspected by Miglio International bv forwarding services and placed on transport in perfect condition. Our carrier is responsible for any damage caused during transport and delivery. Visibly damaged goods must be reported immediately on the delivery note, or via e -mail to info@m1glio.com , within forty-eight hours of delivery, with mandatory mention of delivery or order form.

Deferred deliveries

If the delivery of ordered products is delayed or placed on call by the buyer, Miglio International bv reserves the right, after the expiration of three months, either to demand immediate acceptance of the products and payment of the purchase price, at the price valid on the day of delivery, or to cancel the purchase agreement. Miglio International bv may do so without the need for a reminder and without prejudice to the right to sue the buyer for damages or interest.


Complaints will only be accepted if they are reported in writing to the seller via letter or e -mail address info@m1glio.com within eight days of delivery and if this written communication is accompanied by order or invoice number and date, and a clear description of the complaint, preferably accompanied by photos.


Correctly fulfilled orders will not be returned by info@m1glio.com. Returns can only be accepted after prior consultation with express written approval by our commercial department please contact info@m1glio.com for a return. A request for return must always include the order – invoice number and date. Credit can only be issued if the goods have been returned to us undamaged, in their original packaging and completely suitable for sale. The seller always has the right to charge transportation, handling and administrative costs.


The Warranty given by Miglio International bv varies from product to product. The circumstances and duration of warranties are listed in the various catalogs. If items are defective or damaged within these provisions, Miglio International bv will fix the problem. To do so, contact info@m1glio.com. In the event of pre-sale, the buyer undertakes to make our general and special warranty conditions opposable to his own customer. In any case the buyer agrees to indemnify us for all consequences of claims which may be directed against us by his customer and which would exceed the limits of the claims which the buyer himself could have asserted against us. Any exchanges must be made by the customer to our warehouse in Hasselt at the address Hellebeemden 11, even during warranty periods.


Only the courts of the district of Hasselt shall have jurisdiction to settle any disputes that may arise between Miglio International bv and its customers. If it deems it necessary, Miglio International may nevertheless sue its debtors before the competent courts of their domicile or of the place in Belgium or abroad where their principal institution is located.

Deviations from terms of sale

Any deviation from the present general conditions of sale is strictly limited to the contract that gave rise to it, it can never constitute a precedent.